Austin Center for Spiritual Living

is a joyous spiritual community in Central Texas,
teaching principles of Science of Mind. 

Celebration Service at 10:30 AM 


Together we:

*Travel our individual spiritual paths together*
*Learn more of who we are and 
how we can make a difference in the world*
*Courageously stretch into new dimensions
and grow into our 
unlimited potential*
* As our enlightenment expands and
we are filled with the wonder of Life*

 "There is a power for good in the universe greater than you are, and you can use it."

~ Ernest Holmes 

Come visit us Sunday mornings for the Celebration Service or any other event and become a part of this dynamic, developing Spiritual Community.

Austin Center for Spiritual Living, a member of the Centers for Spiritual Living, offers Sunday Celebration Service, Tools for Transformation including classes, workshops, and seminars. Our Ministry of Prayer and Professional Practitioners serve the congregation in spiritual guidance and support.