ACSL Vision Board

Visioning for the Austin Center for Spiritual Living 

Visioning together allows a bigger picture to form and as the picture is formed, spirit flows in to the mold. It also allows us to be aware of and release that which needs to be released. We may see ideas that are no longer useful to us falling away making room for others to come into play.

When a group visions together over a period of time it is as if they become attuned to each other as a larger vision emerges. If you would like to join the ACSL Visioning team contact

Guidelines for Visioning

  • Center in Spirit. Enter into the silence to establish your awareness of the Presence within in love. Anchor this awareness in Infinite Love, which is the overarching purpose for our lives.
  • Open to the vision by asking a question or questions. Pause after each question to receive the vision.
  • Write (or draw) your responses after each question or at the conclusion of the process. 
  • Support the vision through Spiritual Mind Treatment. Bless the vision and express gratitude for it. Treat for the release of what is no longer needed and the embodiment of what is needed to become the vision. 
  • Commit to the vision. Become the steward of the vision. 
  • Share the vision with other like-minded individuals.

The Visioning Questions:

  1. What is Spirit’s Divine Idea or Highest Vision for ACSL?
  2. What is my part or what gifts do I bring to this vision?
  3. What must I release to allow the vision to unfold?
  4. What must I embrace or embody to allow the vision to unfold?
  5. Is there anything else to be known at this time?

Thoughts harvested from Visioning for ACSL  Spring 2016

1. What is Spirit’s Divine Idea or Highest Vision for ACSL?

Peaceful, meditative place and yet active, respectful
Comfortable setting, nature oriented, relaxing
Able to know one another more intimately
Unexpected unique rainbow,
Everything works out yet not exactly as we expect
Magnificent, power focus
Old fashioned bells tolling.
Children, puppy dogs, outdoors, playfulness
Huge joy, community
Our connectedness
Personal power, to all
Marching band / not playing music but marching onto the field.
Lots of volunteers, people sharing their own talents
Minister clicks with members and new people
Place = wonderful bright and cheery,
Go, go, do, do, be, be,
Lots of kids ready to run around a track, open track, no obstacles in the way
Relay race - passing the baton
Brilliant sun - need sunglasses, feeling the sun’s warmth - very nice, pleasant feeling
Beautiful tranquil patio where people are gathering and visiting about the service
walking beneath, and among, a grove of large trees.  I was struck by the lack of any image of a building, or even a group of people.

Joyous music coming from the walls, cathedral ceilings
educational program that starts right now, we are ready for children's education and have activities ready to go from day one
continue to be a community program and build community through service projects, and having fun doing these things together
personal empowerment unfolds
a minister who supports that and is enthusiastic 
Home on a hilltop with a winding road leading to it, radiates beauty, peace and energy, there are many rooms for everything that is happening
a source of hope, inspiration, peace, and joy for people who have lost touch with the idea that they deserve these things
a big church building that is plain on the outside but very beautiful on the inside, an open space with cathedral ceilings and stained glass windows,  a choir with bright red robes is singing joyful songs
a high place or a high rise building that has an excellent view.People look up to us as role models
Teaching continuously
green space, green backs,
money falling from above and being blown around, circulated
white light radiating, glimmering, sparkling; a big edifice with a pulsating opening of golden light, quiet, peaceful, radiant
Place where people feel happy, connected loved and appreciated
Road leading to high building off in the distance big tree branches adults and children raising to new heights
pretty orange fire burning away negativity and past;bursting power or force through doorway. this power cannot be held back
everyone is welcome, happy, comfort, peace, enjoying one another
beautiful building with lots of trees, growth of tall trees, a permanent place
Vision of a ring of fire (representing a change of energy) against a white background (representing peace), a red bow (representing celebration)
a place with multiple buildings, children, parents, grandparents of diverse ages; laughter,  lots of volunteers wanting to do more because it feels so good to give and meet new friends
Progress of church growth, lots of study groups and classes. A large following like Mile Hi Church
Opening big doors to welcome new members

2. What is my part or what gifts do I bring to this vision?

pushing frot growthe withe new solid memebers
Directing choir in faster and faster song, keeping up
Bring the vision
Be friendly and talk to everyone
Trust, keeping faith, don’t give up, steady as she goes.
Children’s education
Joy brings beautification
Conducting, watching, cheering on
Belief getting stronger
Powerhouse, ACSL is a leading beacon
Expanding enthusiasm and joy of seeing.
Give aid to runners.
Understanding and perspective to what we’re doing.
Helping, creating and assisting members
Encouraging outside people to come
finding a pathway through the trees. 
riding merry-go-round horse
Listening and asking questions listening to young people asking them "what would you like in a spiritual home and will you come visit us?"
time, talent, and treasure
be a role model to express that everyone is deserving of all good things
sit in the midst of traditional church beauty, take it all in and enjoy
offering a helping hand, holding the ladder to allow everyone to get to the high places
research new avenues to keep updated and new things to present to the congregation
joy, honoring, abundant resources
begin writing lessons "What is God?" something that a first grader and a twelfth grader can effectively use
to continue to maintain the idea that it is already manifest
curiosity, peace, understanding, enthusiasm,dedication, readiness to learn
pep and vigor at being part of bursting energy
provide comfort and keeping plenitude in financial area
sense of cooperation, vision of holding hands, helping hand
work, activity, and pleasure

3. What must I release to allow the vision to unfold?
A powerful light beam cutting through the fog .”Lead me to the light”
Fog was movie fog. Just quit making it.
Think let go of old ways and look to future
Let go of lack
Release and allow abundance to come in.
Fear of rejection, reluctance to talk about SOM
Fear, doubt and far, far past
Bad feelings, guilt about past
Right place, right time, right people.
Think about past in positive light.
Any thought of lack, struggle, smallness.
The script, the musical score.
Fear and know truth about ACLS 100%
Affirm belief in what I’m seeing and what we’re doing
Release the “how”
Get out of my head
Let it all happen, All is good, All is Growth, All is Prosperity
Open mind to allow the possibilities flood in
Allow vision to come forward
the need for any building
garbage can with wadded up papers around it
release how it will happen
give up lack, fear, and limitation
fear and belief that I don't deserve good things
feeling that I don't belong
be present to prosperity
preconceived ideas, ideas of not being wanted, separation
how it will happen,
misunderstanding, guilt about not doing my best, fear
any holding back of power. it is going
hesitation, fear and doubt,
perceived attitudes
pain and doubt
fact that as we grow, people may not feel special because it is growing bigger
lack of members 

4. What must I embrace or embody to allow the vision to unfold?

Putting on hazmat suit - Take off hazmat suit and dive into river. “Be ye renewed by the renewing of your mind.”
We are a growing community with many participants giving time, talents, treasures.
Allow abundance for church.
Keep educating myself about SOM.
Commitment - being all in
Wisdom, love, peace, imagination , creativity
Perfect and grateful for all that has brought us here
Grateful for growing in spirit.
All the band members / high 5
Remember no man is an island
We are a community
Piece of lead - flat and heavy
At times quiet and other times a leader
Embrace trust, be more trusting
Allow God to work.
embody the truth of Science of Mind
social contact with like-minded people.
embody community.
flexibility and openness
truly attract and bring in the right people
abundance is ours and it is simple
what we need always comes to us
embrace worthiness, peace and joy
recognition or divine deservedness, everyone is deserving of their good
New Thought can be traditional
large jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing, embrace knowledge and wisdom to put the pieces in the right places
trusting that the right people are in the right place
joy, enthusiasm, organization, plan, power, expectancy
white dove, peaceful feeling
embrace my divine essence as a reflection of all back to me
let it flow through me and everyone else
embrace constant change
handshaking as in agreement with you
faith, hope charity and understanding
because we are a powerhouse of Love we attract people who want to be in our presence
embrace each person in a loving fashion and allow for growth

 5. Is there anything else to be known at this time?

Draw from the well, water of life experience
You already know
Express to others and encourage other people
We fill a great need in community.
Feel the joy. Experience the fun
Who else can help look for a place
How to enlarge the net?
Fountain of life is the fountain of love.
Let it be, let it go
Universe embracing center with arms around ACSL
Peace smooth sailing
See ourselves as a strong unit, body of energy growing
Wondrous works are happening right now
use social media to attract younger people much more
reach out one on one to ask people to participate in specific activities
waiting patiently for the right minister to appear
how to attract people who feel that they don't deserve things
have fun in the traditional setting
don't look a gift horse in the mouth
I want to know deep down at a soul level
an abundance of like minded people ready to attend ACSL
what is the key to attracting new people to the center?
too many balls in the air
3 coins in the fountain, overflowing love, kindness, abundance of all good
patience, wait for the right place and right person
peaceful, wide, deep, powerful and soft
think outside the box for resolution
reaching a new plateau, new accomplishments are ours
don't let facts stand in the way of Truth
keep going
don't veer off the road
reach out invite others

 If you would like the results from your visioning added to this list, please email to